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// About Us //

Community Empowerment Network Background.

Community Empower Network was established in 2017, and legally registered charity agency on 4th October 2017 by south Sudanese respective governmental department-Relief Rehabilitation and Commission. Registration number is 1081.
The NNGO is governed by a Board of Directors of 8 members, while Executive Director acts as Senior Management. The South Sudanese NNGO-Community Empowerment Network (CEN) is humanitarian, work for profit, non-political, non-discriminatory, development & advocacy organization, dedicated to working with children, families & their communities with no regard to their ethnicity, religion, colour, social status, family background, class to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of displacement, violence and /or injustice

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// Generic Governance //

At Community Empowerment Network (CEN)

The first board members at CEN were appointed by the general assembly. The board holds annual general meeting to elect members. But if a post falls vacant e.g upon death, resignation, or sickness, members of the board appoint any member to fill vacant position until the general meetings, from which then they will elect a new person to fill the post.

Community Empowerment Network NNGO has policies which govern internal controls and relationships. We do have strategic plan document which guide our interventions within a particular period/time frame.

The key policy documents of our NNGO includes: Human resource management policy, Procurement policy, financial management policy and protection policy.

We at Community Empowerment Network have code of conduct which is signed by all parties that have contractual obligations with CEN NNGO; e.g. staffs, consultants, etc.

CEN is governed by 3 levels of management: The senior most is the Board of Directors which consist of 8 members (both males and females), followed by the Committee management and the lower management. There is a board chairperson who heads the board members.
Other roles are the board treasurer (in charge of finances) and board secretary (day to day running of the organization). Others are members. The board holds annual meetings every year to review its operational plan, and holds elections.

Identity Statement

The Community Empowerment Network is a South Sudanese humanitarian, development and advocacy non-governmental organization.

Documents Available

Strategic Plan
Annual Reports
Financial Report
Code of Conduct
Audit Report